Friday, May 27, 2016

May 27 - Pray for the Tejalapan Zapotec

The Tejalapan Zapotec have a population of 150 in Mexico. Their primary language is Spanish and their primary religion is a mixture of native religious practices and Roman Catholicism.  This people group is less than 2% evangelical, but efforts are underway to begin a missionary training center in the area. An IMB Research team recently completed initial work among this people group and a plan to begin church planting work is now being developed. 

More information on the Tejalapan Zapotec

As you pray for the Tejalapan Zapotec:
1. Ask the Father to raise up workers to take them the gospel
2. Ask God to raise up people of peace who will give gospel workers access to their people
3. Ask for open access, as many groups are suspicious of evangelicals
4. Ask for His Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts to receive the gospel
5. Ask that God would highlight those who have immigrated to the USA to churches so that they can be evangelized, discipled, and mobilized to reach their people, both in the USA and Mexico

Photo by Dave Markham, courtesy of Joshua Project.

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