Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31 - Praise for the Ocotlan Zapotec!

Do you ever wonder if your prayers have any effect?  Your prayers were, and continue to be instrumental in the lives of the 18,000 Ocotlan Zapotec in Mexico. They were on this list last year as a group with less than 2% of their population as believers in Jesus Christ.  However, there are now missionaries working to engage them in Mexico, and as a result of this engagement, God’s Spirit is moving among them.  While they continue to need prayer, the gospel is beginning to bear fruit among them!  Please pray for the new believers and ask for lasting eternal fruit as a result of the new engagement of the Ocotlan Zapotec, both in Mexico, and among the population in Oregon in the USA. 

More information on the Ocotlan Zapotec
More information on the Ocotlan Zapotec in the USA

Photo credit: Jeff Holeman

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